No More Mohameds

With the recent arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud it has occurred to me that if our war with Islam is to be successfully disguised as NOT a war on Islam then we’re going to have to quit arresting all of these Mohameds.  Or if we can’t just not arrest them at least give them another name for purposes of releasing the information to the press. Of course if we were to do such a thing it begs the question, if not “Mohamed” then what will we name them?

I think I have the answer. I propose we name them alphabetically, like hurricanes.  That is we’ll not only be giving them an ambiguous name (not Mohamed) but we can tell by the starting letter of the name what number terrorist that is, for the year.

So, beginning in January, lets name successive terrorist captured: Alfus, Bufort, Clovis, etc.

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