This is an example a libertarian position of political discourse. I’m not a Republican.  I’m certainly not a Democrat. Some would classify me as economically conservative and socially liberal. I believe government is inherently evil. Let me repeat that because it is important: I believe government is inherently evil. Not just misguided although it’s unintended harms spew forth without restraint. Not just inefficient although to say so would be an understatement. It is evil. It destroys lives and enslaves all who count themselves as survivors. Government is in fact a false god, and while it can never be abolished it ought to be shackled and restrained at every level.

I do argue for some things to be done by the government. That is not to say I like government doing those things, but since it will exist and will be given license to do something there are a very few things I will recommend it attempt as a means of keeping government busy at things that do less harm.

My aim here is to educate the reader. Your views are not interesting to me, but I will tolerate them to the extent they provide a means to review and clarify any misconceptions you may have about the truth of my remarks.

All that being said,  may your understanding be limitless as well as the entertainment you find within these carefully chosen words.

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