I Heard From the Fans

July 10th, 2010

As far as I can tell, this blog is read by no one. Zip Zilch Nada readers. What is fascinating is the number of spam comments coming in without registering any hits. I’m not exactly sure how that’s done, but it doesn’t really matter.

Some of the spam comments really go out of their way to flatter me with broken english. And sometimes I’m tempted to let a spam comment through because it almost makes me feel important and smart. But, I have a rule against spam, so even I have to follow the rules and keep this thing on the right track.

I did get a recent spammer asking that I post more often. The comment didn’t make the cut list, but I’ll try to honor it anyway.  I’ll try.


It Will Not Help

July 8th, 2010

A lot of focus in the media today from WaPo to Fox about the independant voters and how they have turned against Obamarama. It’s too late to fix that. This president has not done what he promised in one very big way: He hasn’t changed the process or the culture in Washington D.C. His response to being called for doing scummy things is to say “Bush was scummy too” and that does not fly. Add to that Obama ran as a moderate and has governed from the far left. Independents who voted for Obama felt as if they have been lied to, taken advantage of, and made a fool of. They are angry about that. As they should be.

Didn’t He See the Movie?

June 23rd, 2010

Someone needs to send General McCrystal a DVD of the movie “Almost Famous” along with the note saying “Sorry this is late.  Didn’t realize you hadn’t seen it.” For those who may not have seen it, the movie is about a reporter for the Rolling Stone what follows a band around and makes friends with them so that they say things thinking they are talking to a friend that they would NEVER say to a reporter. The “reporter” in the movie is like 15 years old, but they like him and think he’s a cute little fellow they can totally talk to and like they say really STUPID stuff that winds up in the magazine of course.  When I first read about the McCrystal thing I’m thinking of course, dude, I saw the movie.  News reports from the Pentagon say they are all “shocked” and “don’t understand how this could happen”, so I guess they haven’t seen the movie either. McCrystal and his staff got on a bus from Paris to Berlin with the reporter from the Rolling Stone and started drinking, but then if you’ve seen the bus scene in the movie it’s like you were there even if you were never in Europe.  I swear, why didn’t anyone in the news media mention the movie?

The Mouse That Roared

June 23rd, 2010

US District Court Judge Martin Feldman lifted the Offshore Drilling moratorium. This may be the opening shot in a bloody battle between the Executive and Judicial branches of the US Government. Some would argue successfully the conflict was engaged by the President during his last State of the Union. But the President only provoked the judges with his remarks. Judge Feldman courageously fired the first shot. Given this admistration’s lack of regard for the law during the auto industry “bankruptcies” as well as complete disregard for immigration law the pronouncement from the chosen one that oil drilling should cease immediately was taken as an edict from above to be followed. Unfortunately for him we are a nation of laws, not of men or of one man. The constitution he took an oath to uphold forbids him from taking a person’s livelihood, indeed thousands of livelihoods, without due process. The keeper of due process, the judge, further ruled the government cant take back rights it’s given and certified by a capricious and arbitrary act of regulation without having a damn good reason. Good for him.

Madison understood from his study of the history of republics and their failing that different branches of government would guard their separate powers jealously, and that egos would get involved before any one branch allowed another to take over. Congress declared early in this President’s reign he didn’t tell them what to do. Now the judicial branch may weigh in with their say in what the President may and may not do.

The opening shots of a possible constitutional crisis has been fired in Louisiana. A similar meeting was held in Houston today and may have eventually led to the same conclusion. Or may yet support Judge Feldman. Grab some popcorn. While everyone was talking about General McCrystal someone just lit a match to a pile of gunpowder in Louisiana. Time to refresh from the history books regarding FDR and the Supreme Court.

Moving Toward Unglued

June 21st, 2010

Alex Spillius wrote in the Telegraph to look for the retirement of Rham Emanuel as Presidential Chief of Staff promptly after midterms in November. I was wondering recently when, not if, to look for it.

Spillius writes Mr. Emanuel has become a terminal irritant to the President’s ideological inner circle. I don’t much like the man, but he’s to be respected. One reason I don’t like him is he is effective in his endeavors.

Rham Emanuel’s profane voice has been the only reasoned one in the White House.  After his departure look for this administration to dissolve into a world of bizarre notions and a complete chaos of idiotic proclamations. I know you think that’s going on now, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. He’s been the only one holding this administration back from jumping off of the ideological cliff. And they are so very eager to jump.

Not Even Here

June 20th, 2010

I hear arguments and Republicans who always argue for less government are hypocritical for suggesting the Federal Government has a role with the oil spill. To my mind the best thing the Federal Government could do to help is get out of the way. Banish the Jones Act and let foreign skimmers operate along the coast. Stop the Coast Guard from calling barges back from their skimming jobs to check life preservers and fire extinguishers. Just get out of the damn way and let the people, along with the offers of help from foreign countries, go about the business of saving our gulf coast. No, we don’t need more government, we need less of it, even here.

I’ve Seen This Show Before

June 10th, 2010

In a well written article by Dick Morris (aka Toe Sucker Dick) he explains why this administration looks to him a lot like Jimmy Carter’s. I’ve been telling people that for over a year now. Morris shows that this oil spill is similar to the hostage crisis, but if not this then something would have come along to render this administration helpless. Over a year ago Peggy Noonan had a brilliant piece about how the American people demand a certain level of competence from their president and they aren’t getting it. Obviously the President can’t :”plug the damn hole” and I’m not suggesting he be criticized concerning the issue of stopping the leak. It’s the response to containing the spill that has been ineffectual. On that issue there has been very little leadership and some measure of obstruction by the federal government. Actually, Jimmy Carter was better off than Obama coming into the job. Jimmy Carter had run a peanut farm. Obama has zero zilch nada executive experience to prepare him for the top executive job in the country.

Women to the Rescue

June 9th, 2010

A.B. Stoddard of The Hill said last night that women may save the Republican party. And she is right. It’s harder, near impossible to paint Republicans as mean spirited old bigots when the face of the party in it’s nominations for office are women. And candidates like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina defy being labeled as stupid, the script that was written for Palin. Add Nikki Haley in South Carolina to the mix and you have the antithesis of the caricature Democrats like to paint about Republicans.

Also, I don’t usually go for blondes, but Ms. Stoddard is hot.

In Arizona

May 26th, 2010

Critics of Arizona’s new immigration law argue it will lead to racial profiling. I take that to mean they are arguing that Arizona police are racist. Is there another interpretation I’m not realizing here? Obviously if a law enforcement officer engages with a person based on race, i.e. racial profiling, they are by definition racist committing a racist act. Personally I have more respect for the fine and beleaguered law enforcement personnel of Arizona than that.

New SEIU President

May 9th, 2010

I see the Service Employees International Union has a new president.

I may be confused, but aren’t many government employees members of this union? And when they organize to collectively bargain with their employers, isn’t it we the people they have organized against? When they bargain for more wages and benefits, who sits at the other side of the table?

Another thing… why are unions so silent on the issue of illegal immigration? Don’t those in this country illegally take jobs union members would otherwise have?

And do unions promote job creation? I think the evidence says not. Unemployment is much lower in “right to work” states. Consistently and unarguably. Therefore unions don’t help with the creation of jobs; if anything they impede it.